WINEMAKER· Società agricola Eleva
DENOMINATION· Amarone della Valpolicella Docg Classico
NAME · Tenzone
YEAR· 2013


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Production Region
Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR), hamlet Conca D’Oro.

Grape Varieties
Corvina Veronese 40%, Corvinone 20%, Rondinella 25%, Teroldego, Molinara, Croatina, Merlot, Oseleta 15%.

Planting Year

Vine Training System

Harvesting Period
Manual, from the middle of September depending on the climate and the variety of the grape.

The Valpolicella Ripasso wine is obtained through enological procedure of “re-fermentation”. The future Valpolicella gets “ripassato” on the residual lees of Amarone or Recioto della Valpolicella. This process happens in February.

Refining and Aging
After the re-fermentaion, the wine ready to become Valpolicella Ripasso, is left to age in wood barrels for 18 months during which period there will be a natural micro oxygenation and a stabilization of the colour and the evolution of the aroma. The bottle is then placed horizontally for at least 9 months to complete the formation of the bouquet.

Alcoholic Content
14,5 % Vol

Accompanying Food
The wine accompanies perfectly meat dishes or wild fowl (especially grills or roasts), but it can also be enjoyed with cheese.